welcome to the ecosystem valuation toolkit

The Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit (EVT) gives nature a voice at the negotiating table. We advance sustainable economies by providing transparent and defensible monetary values for natural assets.

The Ecosystem Valuation Toolkit offers:

Researcher’s Library: An ever-growing, searchable database of ecosystem service values collected from carefully vetted sources and managed by expert ecological economists.

SERVES (Simple, Effective Resource for Valuing Ecosystem Services): A web-based tool for calculating ecosystem service values and performing natural capital appraisal.

Resources: General materials on ecosystem services and valuation as well as links to further resources around the web.

why value nature?

Nature provides a wide array of market and non-market benefits to society, including the moderation of extreme events, climate change mitigation, provisioning of food and water, recreation and over a dozen other services. Our entire economy is dependent on these natural goods and services for everything we produce and consume. Ecosystem service valuation is a process that quantifies these economic benefits for inclusion in decision-making at scales from local to global.

The EVT seeks to accelerate the adoption of ecosystem service valuation by providing a comprehensive, searchable online database of values for nature and tools for calculating the value of natural assets. These outputs can then be utilized by planners, watershed managers, forest owners, natural resource agencies, scholars and businesses to communicate the previously unrecognized value of these assets for conservation, restoration, or other land use decisions.

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